Rundown For the Best Way To Fight Off the Flu…Food

“Let thy food be thy medicine.” — Hippocrates

This is one of my favourite quotes from one my ancestors (and there are many)

I have formed Vio Fitness’ nutritional aspect to mimic the above quote because it is bang on. This week we are going to focus on using foods to battle colds and flus, because, let’s face it folks, food IS medicine. We get all of our modern day drugs from plants, so why don’t we just use it to get over all of our aliments.

Just a little bit of a disclaimer here: I am not by any means an antivaxxer I have in the past taken vaccinations I think they their purpose and they can be extremely useful and can save lives. I do not believe, however, that I need a shot to fight off the flu when there ARE alternatives in nature that can do the same job.

This week is going to look a little like this:

Monday — M&M Monday’s we’re going to release the blog post that we are going to talk about for the rest of the week and talk about some myths and Misconceptions surrounding alternatives to fighting off colds and flus

Tuesday — How To Tuesday. We’re going to show you how to jack up your immune system through natural means so that it has the ability to fight off whatever bug comes it’s way

Wednesday — Q & A With John. Here is where you can make your voice heard. We are going live on Facebook and YouTube and if you have any questions about this please hop in and get your voice heard

Thursday — Throwback Thursday. I go into when I was learning Traditional Chinese Medicine and I found out about a little unknown hack that if you do get sick, applying this hack can accelerate you to full recovery.

Friday — TFIG Hot Friday. I go off! I go off on today’s “laziness” and how it has allowed us loose our connection with Mother Earth, and how this this modern disconnect is hurting us as a species.

Saturday — Weekly Wrap Up. We wrap things up and prep for the next week.

Now, I know you guys (whoever is following me on Facebook and Instagram) knows about the BETA project that I am working on called Band of Brothers. If not, that’s ok as well. Band of Brothers is platform for men to get on and work on becoming better versions of themselves, we meet up once a week on a private call and we talk and work on us being better men, better father’s, husbands, grandfathers, sons, uncles, brothers, friends, boyfriends and cousins. So if you are interested (spaces are really limited 5 as of writing this blog post) please sign up here and let’s create an amazing you. Please understand this is in BETA and I have a special offer for the next 5 men to sign up.

Yes this is for men only so if you are a woman reading this I respect you greatly and if I could ask you one thing: If you know of a guy who is really trying hard to find his place in this world please forward this to him. Be the catalyst of his change to be a man, and let’s kill the stigma of male toxicity.




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