One Of Many RUDE Awakenings

Back in my early twenties I was a very different person, very easily swayed by peer pressure and had an extremely low self esteem. I had a couple of friends that had a very negative influence on me. But it’s not their fault. It was all my fault I was not strong enough or confident enough in my own body to see what I was and to stand on my own two feet.

This story is one of those of those examples of me not being strong enough to say no and tell my “friend” to F!@# OFF and to $4ut UP.

It was in the winter and a bunch of my friends and myself had gone to a local coffee shop just to hang out and one of them said to me:

“Dude if you did one cycle of juice…you’d be jacked!”

At this moment in my life I was hitting the gym 5 o 6 times a week and I was looking to get bigger. I was already in amazing shape but I always saw myself as the small kid (I guess it was from my past as always being the skinny kid). And I have NEVER had done any form of drugs outside of over-the-counter pain meds when I was sick and cough medicine.

Well I caved. I bought some steroid that helps increase red blood cells for lukemia patients get better as the higher red blood cell count you have the quicker you can repair your muscles. Problem is coming very shortly…

Now two weeks into my very first cycle, I was laying down in bed starting to fall asleep and that’s when it happened…

My heart stopped.

What felt like an hour was actually more like a second and I woke up and I started pounding my chest to sure that my heart would keep beating. I got zero sleep that night, and in the morning for my morning run I took the pills I was taking and I threw them right in the garbage, and I never ever look back at that decision.

What I didn’t know at the time was that my heart was working so hard to pump this thick blood that I had that it “took a break”. That break forced me to relook at how I wanted to look at my life and how to relook at the way I was working out.

My “friend” didn’t understand it but I didn’t care. I found a community of natural way of living people and well the rest is history. If you are looking for a community of men who are looking for deeper meaning and want to become better in a safe and natural way you really should look at Band of Brothers. You literally have nothing to lose. I mean it is free (for the time being) and we’d love to have onboard.




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John Katsavos

John Katsavos

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