My Worst Flu…Ever!

Last year I was at work and minding my own business a co worker came by my desk, started chilling out right beside me and was talking about his vacation. Now let’s be crystal clear on this, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t care and I would have loved to hear about his entire trip, but he was sick and (while he was respectful when he was coughing and sneezing) I still caught his flu (I think it was something else..something that has plagued the world, but it was diagnosed as a flu when we weren’t looking for that strand).

When it comes down to fighting off the flu or colds my body does a really good job of doing it, however, this was something different, this really kicked my rear. It knocked me out for 3 days, I didn’t go to work for 7 days, half way through I thought I wasn’t going to make it, I had a hard time breathing, and at some points I hoping this insanity would just end.

What I did next flipped the script in an instant. Now please remember I am talking about a flu because this is what my physician diagnosed as.

For 7 days my diet consisted of chicken soup (only variant was rice or noodles), tea (mountain tea, and chamomile), and water. Oh and dry toast just incase I had an incident on whether or not my meal decided to come back up the way it went down.

My meds were simple Tylenol for colds and NeoCitran. I hardly and rarely medicate when I am sick but this was something else. And, at night before bed I would have a compress on my back, chest and would soak a scarf with rubbing alcohol. As a HOT shower everyday to remove the Vicks vapour rub and rubbing alcohol from my body.

That was my life for 7 days as it was H. E. double hockey sticks and at some points I was hoping for the end to some.

Now you might be asking yourself could I have done anything to prevent something like this? Well no. Sometimes these kinds of “flus” are just unavoidable. All you can do is do the best you can (I have just laid out my best practice on getting over these things) to get over it as quickly and safely as possible and trying to do it as natural as possible.

As you can tell I am not afraid of taking medications if the NEED requires it. I do not make it my practice to take it every time I get a headache or feel a bit of pain, I just suck it up and get over it. This is up to you. Now before I get into a tangent I am going to sign off. I hope that you can take this blog post and the information that I listed and use it for yourself. HINT: the vapour rub and the rubbing alcohol compresses accelerated my recovered.

Any how, have a great night and stay healthy my friends!



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